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<![CDATA[Let Every Thing That Hath Breath Praise The Lord]]>Fri, 19 Feb 2016 19:04:50 GMThttp://landmarkapc.com/apostolic-revival-kids/let-every-thing-that-hath-breath-praise-the-lord
A.R.K. was a huge success Friday night! Pet rocks were made by the kids as buses arrived. A.R.K. was then kicked off by an example of what will happen if people refuse to praise God. Rocks came alive and began leading our kids in praise as they sang and worshipped. After a brief explanation of praise and worship by our very own Sis. Mandy, we were joined by a few cheerleaders and their mascot. The cheerleaders, once again, led our kids in praise in a fun and exciting way. A.R.K. was closed witha  praise song and the kids were able to worship the King of Kings with sincere hearts all on their own. It was a blessing to see a child truly give their best in worship.
<![CDATA[God's Greatest Miracle!]]>Fri, 22 Jan 2016 20:32:13 GMThttp://landmarkapc.com/apostolic-revival-kids/gods-greatest-miracle
Kids poured into Landmark’s sanctuary Friday night as Bro. Sam Salinas started the service discussing how Jesus can heal in many different ways. He explained that God does miracles and God’s GREATEST miracle is the infilling of the Holy Ghost. An estimated 70 kids listened, prayed, and sang intently while God moved among them. After this, we split into 5 groups to enjoy five different stations discussing God’s miracles. Many laughs were heard as we visited a kooky Dr. Choc-O-Latté and his nurse who gave crazy remedies to their patients. In the end, all her patients were healed by Jesus! God performed another miracle while at a wedding in our 2nd station. He turned the water into wine (grape soda), which all the kids enjoyed. In the 3rd Station, a baker and her assistant retold the story about the miracle of the 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread as they played with dough and snacked on goldfish and crackers. Kids took a quick break in Station 4, enjoying nachos with Sis. Nilda. In the 5th station, Lazarus “Lopez” was raised from the dead! Special thanks to Bro. Ram, Jr. who made an awesome Lazarus. Revival is here and our ARK family is ready to see God pour out His greatest miracle!
<![CDATA[Samson and Delilah]]>Fri, 08 Jan 2016 20:03:41 GMThttp://landmarkapc.com/apostolic-revival-kids/samson-and-delilah
A.R.K. was a huge success Friday night! God led 64 kids to Children’s Church to learn of God’s almighty word. After a review of some rules of respect via blacklight, the kids learned an important lesson when Bob didn’t play by the rules. We must follow the rules in order to make friends, have fun, and most importantly, be pleasing to God. Then, all the kids sang together “Making Melodies in My Heart” to be followed by the Bible story of Samson and Delilah. The evil “Deli” deceives Samson into telling her the secret to his divine strength. After admitting that his strength was connected to his hair, Delilah shaved his head and was captured by God’s enemy, the Philistines. In the end, God renews Samson’s strength one last time in order for Samson to destroy the enemy. The Spirit moved as the kids closed with prayer at the altar. We are excited to see more kids touched by the power of His hand!
<![CDATA[The Life of Moses]]>Mon, 23 Feb 2015 05:00:50 GMThttp://landmarkapc.com/apostolic-revival-kids/the-life-of-mosesPicture
        This week at A.R.K., we traveled back in time to the land of Egypt. The kids took a journey to follow the life of Moses. First, we met Moses' sister Miriam and followed her to the Nile River It was there that we witnessed the Egyptian Princess finding and adopting baby Moses for her own. 
        We then fast forwarded in time to when Moses was a young prince. As prince, he encountered two Hebrews who rightly accused him of murdering an Egyptian. Afraid of what Pharoah might do to him, he fled to Midian where he met and married Zipporah and had an encounter with God through a burning bush. It was through this encounter that God called Moses back to Egypt.
       When he returned to Egypt, Moses and his brother Aaron went before the "Big Bully Pharaoh." The children got a good laugh out of the calamities Pharaoh and his servant got into through each plague. When the last plague came, the kids learned about the blood of the lamb and the death angel. 
       When Pharaoh finally let God's people go, we were then chased through the Red Sea (on dry ground) by Pharaoh. And, of course, God delivered his people out of the hands of the "Big Bully Pharaoh." In the end, the kids learned that God will fight your battles. He cares about you and will never leave you: Exodus 14:14.

Please feel free to browse our pictures and leave comments. For more information on up coming A.R.K. email Sis. Kara at apostolicrevivalkids@gmail.com
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Q:Who does the Pharaoh talk to when he is sad?

A: His Mummy

<![CDATA[Happy Thanksgiving!]]>Thu, 27 Nov 2014 03:42:06 GMThttp://landmarkapc.com/apostolic-revival-kids/happy-thanksgivingPicture
I am thankful for..... 
    God's blessings last Friday night. God worked through the A.R.K. team as we taught the children what it means to be thankful. What better story to bring to these children on Thanksgiving then the story of "The Ten Lepers?" Or, as we  portrayed it, "The Six Little Indians" (due to costume shortage we had to cut it down to six Indians instead of ten). The kids loved the Indians and all their calamity caused by the "great itching disease" while they put on their play for their pilgrim friends.

    Now what is a play about Thanksgiving without Pilgrims rushing around preparing for a Thanksgiving feast? Between our British accents turned to Mexican ones and trying to keep our Puritan Costumes strait, it was hilarious to say the least.  (A special thank you to the girls for wearing those ridiculous an unflattering costumes. Y'all are the best!) After the Indian's finished their play for these lovely pilgrim ladies, they all passed around the thankful "hankie" and shared what they were thankful for this Thanksgiving.

    Who knew all it takes to whip up a Native American Tee-Pee in five minutes is four 8ft cedar polls, twine, 3 Dollar Tree shower curtains and a staple gun!  The Indians enjoyed "staying" in their Tee-Pee even though only one little Indian could fit inside at a time.  Bottom line: It worked and it was easy to make people!
    As we all joined hands for a Thanksgiving prayer, we all bowed our heads and thanked God for His many blessings.  After that, dinner was served with the help of the Indians and Pilgrims who also sat and talked with the children enjoying dinner.  The dinner included: ham, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, fresh rolls and every kid's favorite, macaroni and cheese!  The excitement doubled when fresh sugar cookies were passed around! This was the kids favorite part of the night!  All in All, the ARK team is so thankful for each other and all of the children who shared Thanksgiving with us that night.  We are also so thankful that two children have expressed their desire to get baptized in Jesus name! God is Good!
<![CDATA[MESSY PARTY!!!]]>Tue, 11 Nov 2014 20:15:41 GMThttp://landmarkapc.com/apostolic-revival-kids/messy-partyI know it is Fall, but I couldn't resist posting some pictures from our End of the Summer Picnic. Lets just say we got a "little" messy! At first, we fed them pizza and popsicles ( that was a mess in its self). Then we did a skit with Sis. Monica dressed up in "fancy" clothes, she opened up a diet coke, which was rigged with Mentos. It exploded on the kids. After that the kids rotated to ten different "messy" stations where the kids did everything from water gun fights, shaving cream slip-and-slide and whip cream and Cheetos hair salon.  Then later we did a spaghetti relay where the kids had to get the spaghetti from one pot to the other by passing it down the line. Next was the Chocolate Pudding Toss. Here they used spoonfuls of pudding to fling it at their friends mouths. Last was the Mashed Potatoes War! For cost efficiency, we used cheap box potatos and water.  It was a flat out food fight !! The parents had just as much fun as the kids! Here is some pictures of the disaster! If you ever consider doing a Messy Party and need some ideas email me! It was a blast and the kids will never forget it!
<![CDATA[Camp Trust-in-Him]]>Thu, 06 Nov 2014 18:55:08 GMThttp://landmarkapc.com/apostolic-revival-kids/november-06th-2014Welcome to Camp Trust-in-Him! This was a great spring camping themed ARK. We told the story of Abraham and Sarah having to Trust in God, and then we had an old fashion camp sing-a-long. We then where visited by our Camp Director and helper, Bill and Cory, for a hilarious skit about Trusting God. Cory, a regular nerd, comes unprepared for camping bringing all his gadgets. When Bill goes off, he gives Cory specific directions to follow. Cory doesn't follow directions and winds up in all kinds of trouble. We will never forget when Cory got his shoe stuck in the tree (it was not a part of the script). Special thanks to our evangelist, Bro. Howard for the help. We gave away four camping chairs and ate s'mores by a fake fire. After that was a full out game of tug-a-war and freeze tag! The kids loved it!
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<![CDATA[ARK]]>Mon, 01 Apr 2013 18:00:55 GMThttp://landmarkapc.com/apostolic-revival-kids/arkOur Pastor has always taught us that our children are not second class saints in the church! They are God's  saints as well as the adults! Sometimes, as adults with our busy schedules and responsibilities, we forget that children need to be nurtured in their walk with God just as much as we do.  Though we might not realize it, children are faced with making tough choices in life just like adults. I wish that we could shield our kids from the immorality and social decay that has infiltrated our country, but that would be impossible.  Just going to school, friends houses or even to the grocery store, children can be quickly be  exposed to some form of ungodliness.  So instead of isolating our kids from the world,  we have decided to teach our kids how to overcome these obstacles. We want to plant seeds of faith, obedience and a love of God in their hearts that will never leave them.   Here at ARK, we have dedicated teachers with a burden for these children. Instead of just following a generic lesson each month, we create a theme and then we create unique and memorable lessons.  We try to be unpredictable and fun so we can keep the kids always guessing what's going to happen next! But most of all,  they learn the word of God as they are enjoying the created and exhilarating experience that we call "ARK"!